Redwood Shores Library Community
Room and Teen Room

AV-integrators was chosen to design and build 2 AV systems for the new Redwood Shores state-of-the-art library facility primarily intended to attract and serve the youth of the surrounding vicinity.


The library’s new community room features a large flat screen display plus a large-venue projection system with a 5.1 surround sound audio system. This community room system is capable of HD projection of computer images as well as HD video playback via blu-ray disc. This community room is the largest of all such community rooms in the Redwood City Public Library System.

The other system was for the library’s new teen room complete with a large screen TV for use with computers, game consoles, and a blu-ray disc player. Since its grand opening, the Redwood Shores Public Library has witnessed phenomenal growth in the demand for its services and facilities contributing to Redwood City Library’s “five star rating” from The Library Journal Index of Public Library Service.